coexisting in one mind, body, and spirit

Today while praying Dhuhr, Somethings surfaced from my heart…

Let me first start by stating:

I reverted to Islam September of 2011, it was mainly because I was in love with a Muslim guy and I needed to understand his religion so I set out on a journey to learn and find out if God speaks in many languages (meaning: different religions)

I did hear Allah (God) speak to me while on my journey to understanding Islam and while reciting the prayers daily.

Well, I never married him and I’m not with him, but I still continue to practice Islam.

While reciting Dhuhr this afternoon I realized that I still love Christianity and Buddhism and I can not reject the teachings that I have learned…

I’ve learned that I can communicate with God no matter what religion I am devoted to or what rituals or doctrine I should follow.

I do know that some religions state that if anyone desires a religion other…… hell awaits them.

Where does that leave me what does that make me?

Do I need a religion to save my soul? Do I need a label that says that I am a believer in God and I love the Lord with all my heart?

Do I have to follow a set of rules and doctrine written to be accepted by God or is it to be accepted by a group of people?

I would have to say that these rules and doctrines that are provided by different religions can be a source to help open up communication to God…

I’ve learned that God can be found anywhere all you have to do is knock and God will answer. I’ve also learned that everyone’s journey is like a fingerprint, they might look similar but all are different and unique in its own special way.

I’ve also learned that prayer and worship is so powerful when performed and a million times more powerful when done in union with others.

Will I continue to practice Islam? I can honestly say I’m not sure.  I believe in the trinity,  I believe that God is in all, and I believe that God is One.

So was I ever a true Muslim?

Some would say no, some would say I’m confused, others would call me out of my name for writing this (no disrespect intended to any one or religion)

I feel blessed for God giving me an understanding and broader insight on religion and spirituality and answering my questions.

prayer, worship, meditation, being of service, looking to peace, evolving, and loving are important to me.

Love is kind, understanding, a great teacher and humbler.

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